• Build it and they will come?

    If you're talking about a website, it's not likely! Build it, keep it fresh, and tell the world.  That's the way you get traffic to your website.  And you can do it in as little as 15 minutes a week.

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Need a Website?

Does your business or organization need a website? They can be terribly expensive and/or a giant pain in the ... yeah, that. Or, they can be fairly simple and a lot of fun. 15 Minute Mondays teaches you how to take control of your website and have fun while doing it.

You don't need to be a webmaster or even hire one. After your website is together, you just need 15 minutes per week to have a thriving website. The rest of the time you can get back to your business while your website promotes it.

Check out ...

The Tutorials

The 15 Minute Mondays blog features tips & tricks, reviews, and tutorials covering everything from Blogger to WordPress and social media to other useful online services. New information is being added all the time. Sign up for the newsletter (right) for emailed updates.

The Book

Quick and to the point ... just like your time spent working on your website should be. This 140 page book gives you the information you need to get your website working for you while you get back to taking care of your real business (which is not being a webmaster).

The Seminar

Get fired up with a live seminar that will walk you through the simple steps of getting your business online and building your web presence. Choose from a one-hour overview up to a weekend workshop and get the information you need in a fun format.