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Blogger Doesn’t Work Without WWW

Websites are funny things. Funny odd, not funny ha ha. One of the oddities about them are the subdomains, or domain name prefixes if you prefer. In a website address like mine, www.15MinuteMondays.com, the subdomain is the www part. Just for a little further insight,… Continue reading

Moving From WordPress to Blogger

Just like sometimes people start out with a project and find that they need more resources, sometimes people start a project and then realize that maybe they didn’t need all the resources they allocated. This can easily happen with a website. You might start out… Continue reading

Moving From Blogger to WordPress

Many people start their first blog with the awesome and free blogging engine Blogger. As time goes by, however, many bloggers find they need extra control and flexibility that Blogger does not provide. Especially those looking to monetize their blogs. For many of these people,… Continue reading

Planning Your First Five Pages

Planning Your First 5 Pages

Designing your website can be almost as complicated as designing your house. You want everything perfect when you launch. Of course, before that you’ll want to figure out what perfect is. Looking at other websites, getting input from friends and family, playing with color schemes… Continue reading

Your WordPress Site Got Hacked. Now What?

So Your WordPress Site Got Hacked

So, you just got a call from a friend who said that they went to your WordPress website on their iPad but it’s showing porn instead of your business’ regular page. Well, isn’t that special? There have been a rash of these events lately. Sucuri,… Continue reading

Brainstorming Your Domain Name

Domain Name Brainstorming

So you’re ready to launch your website but coming up with that perfect domain name that isn’t already taken continues to elude you, eh? Join the club. Year-over-year the number of registered domains grows by about 7%. That means that by this time next year,… Continue reading

Twitter’s New Profile Page Layout

Rich Hopkins' New Twitter Layout

Twitter’s got a new look and, I’ll be frank, it’s about damn time. OK, OK, I know Twitter is all about the tweets and not so much a about snazzy graphics, but the old layout was just awkward. You had your thumbnail size profile photo,… Continue reading

Subdomains – Why & How

Subdomains How They Work

What is a subdomain? It’s a great way to create a shorter, more elegant website address to a specific section of your website. Using these, you can give clients (or potential clients) a shorter, more memorable way to get to an area of your website that you’re… Continue reading

Write Now, Publish Later

A few weeks ago we talked about using an editorial calendar organizing your blogging schedule. Having a schedule defined is a great first step. The next step is getting ahead of the curve by making sure ti – i – i – ime is on… Continue reading

Blog Via Email With Postie

I don’t know about you, but I seem to live in my email. It’s my reminder system, my todo list, my idea notebook, my photo file … oh, and it actually provides this weird “electronic letter delivery system” that I use all day long for personal and work… Continue reading