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Category: Tips & Tricks

How to Hide Pages from Search Listings in WordPress

It may sound crazy, but stick with me, because some times you really do want to keep search engines and on-site searches from finding certain pages. There is good news and bad news. The good news is that it’s relatively easy to do. The bad news… Continue reading

Embed Documents on Your Website

I love finding cool guides and documents on websites. And when I can, I love to provide such documents on my websites. There are lots of documents and files (Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, PDFs, slideshows, etc) on the Internet and many of them contain very… Continue reading

My Three Favorites Places to Buy Images

Shutterstock Free Image

As much as I love free stuff, sometimes there’s just no way around it … I have to buy an image. I’ll get a design or layout concept stuck in my head and I just can’t pull away from it even though I cannot find… Continue reading

Turn Quotes Into Engaging Images

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a picture of words worth? I’m not sure, but it’s certainly worth the effort to make that picture using one of these four simple tools. Last week we covered sources for free photos and images… Continue reading

6 Ways to Get Engaging & Free Photos

You’ve written a great blog post and you’re just about to click “Publish” when you remember, “I need an engaging photo to go with this brilliant article!” That’s right, you do. Because no matter how great the article is, without an eye-catching image to go… Continue reading

Choose the Long-Tail Keywords You Use

Long-Tail Keywords

You want more web surfers reading your website, right? We all do. Otherwise we wouldn’t be spending all this time putting stuff on the internet. Last week we talked about how the first step to building a following was to create great content. Let’s dive… Continue reading

7 Tips for Selecting Your Domain Name

Hello My Domain Name Is

Thinking up a great domain name is easy. Of course, with the nearly 275 million existing domain names, finding one that hasn’t already been taken … well, that’s a lot harder.  But good domain names are still out there. It just takes a little time… Continue reading

Instagram: It’s Not Just for Selfies

Getting visual with your small business is a great way to turn eyes onto your product. Launching an Instagram campaign provides a fun and free way to get engage your customers with visual content and not just boring text. Yes, boring. Come on, you can… Continue reading

5 Reasons Blogging Sucks (And How To Fix Them)

That’s right, blogging sucks. As much as I’m a fan of it and advise every small business, entrepreneur, and organization to do it, I know it can be a real pain. Even I get down about it sometimes. Geez, are you kidding? Another damn deadline?… Continue reading

Automate Yourself with IFTTT.com


IFTTT rhymes with “gift” and Christmas is about to come early for you! It seems like I am always doing hundreds of small online chores to involving my blog, my social media presence (personal and professional,) archiving important notes and emails, etc. None of them take very long.… Continue reading