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Category: Reviews

Online Storage Options

Storage Units

To the cloud! I swear I hear that phrase every day. Someone is always wanting to store data in “the cloud.” Well, ya know, there’s a reason for that. In a mobile world, we need our data, our documents, even our family photos accessible to… Continue reading

Contact Forms Let Visitors Say Hello

Last weeks cool little tool, CryptX, is a great way to put an email address on your website without letting the spammers get a hold of it. However, sometimes you really just want a way for your website visitors to reach out and say hello… Continue reading

WordPress 4.0 – Flashy and Fun

WordPress 4.0

It’s that time again. A new version of WordPress has just hit the digital streets and you need to upgrade. Well, probably. It may not be 100% necessary to upgrade right away, but you’re going to want these new features for sure. And, in general,… Continue reading

Blog Via Email With Postie

I don’t know about you, but I seem to live in my email. It’s my reminder system, my todo list, my idea notebook, my photo file … oh, and it actually provides this weird “electronic letter delivery system” that I use all day long for personal and work… Continue reading

Appointment Reminders Done Right

Every once in a while something so cool comes into my life that I feel compelled to tell everyone I know about it. Apptoto (* affiliate link,) a very slick appointment reminder tool, is one of those cool things. Two of the common problems that… Continue reading

GoDaddy Review

If you’ve used the internet or watched TV in the last decade, you’ve heard of GoDaddy. From sexually suggestive female spokesmodels to Jean-Claude Van Damme (maybe sexually suggestive to some people?), the company knows how to get attention in the media. But they stand behind… Continue reading