• Build it and they will come?

    If you're talking about a website, it's not likely! Build it, keep it fresh, and tell the world.  That's the way you get traffic to your website.  And you can do it in as little as 15 minutes a week.

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CryptX Helps You Cut Out Spam

I love my email spam filter. But as good as it is, sometimes spam still gets through. Every step forward that spam filters make, spammers take (or at least try to take) two steps forward to ensure that some of their annoying messages get through.… Continue reading

Solving The Email Open Rate Puzzle

Email Open Rate

Putting together a newsletter or marketing email is hard enough. But the low open rates for most emails is just downright discouraging. Email open rates vary by industry but average around 20%. So, only one out of every five people on your list are likely… Continue reading