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Flex Your Muscles with Google’s Site: Operator

Google’s site: operator has been since, more or less, Google began. Basically, this option allows you to search for text on one specific site. However, we’ll see in a minute that it does a whole lot more, especially for you as a small business or organization… Continue reading

Is Your Website Responsive?

Starting tomorrow, April 21, 2015, your website needs to be responsive. Google announced that “mobile-friendliness” will start factoring in their website ranking algorithm tomorrow. Unless you want to see a dip in your rankings, getting a responsive website needs to be high on your todo… Continue reading

Choose the Long-Tail Keywords You Use

Long-Tail Keywords

You want more web surfers reading your website, right? We all do. Otherwise we wouldn’t be spending all this time putting stuff on the internet. Last week we talked about how the first step to building a following was to create great content. Let’s dive… Continue reading

SEO Isn’t Magic

You want people to find your website when they use search engines, right? And you want to come up on that coveted first page or, better yet, near the top of the first page, right? While SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, isn’t a magic pill… Continue reading

Brainstorming Your Domain Name

Domain Name Brainstorming

So you’re ready to launch your website but coming up with that perfect domain name that isn’t already taken continues to elude you, eh? Join the club. Year-over-year the number of registered domains grows by about 7%. That means that by this time next year,… Continue reading

9 Reasons Your Business Needs a Blog

Business Blogging

Blogs aren’t just for personal journals or hobbyists anymore. Blogs provide businesses with a wealth of opportunities ranging from announcing new products and services to interacting with customers. Blogging also keeps your website active and alive rather than stagnant (the way 75% of business websites… Continue reading

How Many Pages Does My Website Need?

How Many Pages Does My Website Need

Think of every page on your website as an open doorway inviting search engine web traffic to your site. The more pages you have, the more keywords your website can feature. Keywords are how the search engines find your site. More pages = more keywords… Continue reading