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Stop What You’re Doing and Scan Your Website

So Your WordPress Site Got Hacked

Yes, folks, they’re at it again. According to internet security experts Sucuri.net, hundreds of thousands of websites are at risk from an attack by the malware program SoakSoak.ru. No, I don’t understand why some people do this either. It irritates the hell out of me. I… Continue reading

3 Tips for Better Passwords

Computer Security

Those crazy Russian hackers (but not this guy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sp47lvGR8Ek) are at it again. Hold Security reports (http://www.holdsecurity.com/news/cybervor-breach/) that a Russian crime ring hacked nearly half a million websites and amassed 1.2 billion unique user names and passwords which belong to over half a billion email… Continue reading

Disclosure, Privacy, and You

disclosure statement and privacy policy

If you look long and hard enough, on many websites you’ll probably find a Disclosure Statement and a Privacy Policy. Yeah, those are the two pages that you probably never read. So why are they there? Because they need to be. And your website just… Continue reading