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Authors – Planning Your Website

A couple of months ago I wrote an article covering the first five pages that every small business website needs. Today we’ll dive into a specific industry and cover the first few pages that every author needs. Two weeks ago I spoke to a group… Continue reading

Planning Your First Five Pages

Planning Your First 5 Pages

Designing your website can be almost as complicated as designing your house. You want everything perfect when you launch. Of course, before that you’ll want to figure out what perfect is. Looking at other websites, getting input from friends and family, playing with color schemes… Continue reading

Top 11 Pages Your Website Needs

Planning Your First 5 Pages

One of the first discussions I have with clients is to figure out what pages their website needs in order to get started. As you read last week, your website doesn’t need to immediately launch with every page you will ever create. Your website does… Continue reading

How Many Pages Does My Website Need?

How Many Pages Does My Website Need

Think of every page on your website as an open doorway inviting search engine web traffic to your site. The more pages you have, the more keywords your website can feature. Keywords are how the search engines find your site. More pages = more keywords… Continue reading