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Scheduling Posts on Facebook

While social media is a great way to promote your website content, posting to Facebook (or other outlets) during the peak engagement times (typically around lunch time in your timezone) can be difficult if you are otherwise engaged during those times. Tools like Hootsuite and… Continue reading

Testimonials Supercharge Your Marketing


Testimonials add power to website and shift your marketing efforts into overdrive. Just as downshifting a hot rod and punching the gas boosts the speed of the car, testimonials boost the rest of your marketing efforts by leveraging social proof. It’s human nature to follow… Continue reading

Hashtags – Join or Start a Conversation


Hashtags actually are good for something besides the hilariousness of the Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake video “#Hashtag” (inline below, but watch out for some bleeped rough language.) The hashtag itself is simply the number sign (or pound or hash, depending on your naming preference)… Continue reading

Turn Quotes Into Engaging Images

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a picture of words worth? I’m not sure, but it’s certainly worth the effort to make that picture using one of these four simple tools. Last week we covered sources for free photos and images… Continue reading

Instagram: It’s Not Just for Selfies

Getting visual with your small business is a great way to turn eyes onto your product. Launching an Instagram campaign provides a fun and free way to get engage your customers with visual content and not just boring text. Yes, boring. Come on, you can… Continue reading

Facebook Video Ranking Changes

Facebook Video Ranking

As part of it’s never ending mission to bring you more of what you like, Facebook now includes two new metrics for ranking Facebook videos including how long you actually watched the video. This follows in the footsteps of YouTube (aka, Google) where audience retention (the… Continue reading

Why Facebook or Twitter Doesn’t Replace a Website

Michael Hyatt

Why do I need a website when I already use Facebook? This is a common enough question. In fact, I heard it the last time I was getting my hair cut by Anicia. “We post everything to Facebook because that’s where the people are. Why do… Continue reading

Automate Yourself with IFTTT.com


IFTTT rhymes with “gift” and Christmas is about to come early for you! It seems like I am always doing hundreds of small online chores to involving my blog, my social media presence (personal and professional,) archiving important notes and emails, etc. None of them take very long.… Continue reading

Facebook Tweaks Tagging and Trending for Pages

In addition to Trending, introduced by Facebook in January, the social media superstore recently tweaked its tagging function for Pages to further help its members find stories and topics that are of interest to them. With the new change, when a Page (like the one… Continue reading

Facebook Link-Share

By using a link-share, a fairly new method for posting links on Facebook, you can both increase engagement with your readers and improve your odds of making in into your readers’ news feeds. That’s right — Facebook has been tweaking the News Feed algorithm again.… Continue reading