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Text Expanders Shrink Your Typing

A cool little class of tools, text expanders allow you to quickly (and repeatedly) turn a few short keystrokes into a whole bunch of keystrokes, thereby saving you time and effort. Growing up, I used to watch shows like Bewitched and I Dream of Jeanie.… Continue reading

Photos Help Email Campaigns Convert

Oh sure, I’m always talking about making sure you use good photos on your blog posts and web pages. And that’s great advice (if I do say so myself.) So now here’s some more great advice (I’m being so humble today.) Use great photos in… Continue reading

Contact Forms Let Visitors Say Hello

Last weeks cool little tool, CryptX, is a great way to put an email address on your website without letting the spammers get a hold of it. However, sometimes you really just want a way for your website visitors to reach out and say hello… Continue reading

Solving The Email Open Rate Puzzle

Email Open Rate

Putting together a newsletter or marketing email is hard enough. But the low open rates for most emails is just downright discouraging. Email open rates vary by industry but average around 20%. So, only one out of every five people on your list are likely… Continue reading

My Email List is a Problem

Houston, I have a problem. It’s my pathetic email list. And if all problems really are just opportunities in disguise, I’ve got a heck of an opportunity here. I should be ashamed. Scratch should be. I am. One big area of my web presence that… Continue reading

5 Benefits of a Personalized Business Email Address

Personalized Email Address

If you’re using a free email account (@yahoo.com, @hotmail.com, @gmail.com, etc) or the account that came with your internet service account (@att.net, @comcast.net, etc,) the email address itself can convey some additional, less than positive information to the reader or your emails. I recently received… Continue reading

7 Tips for Selecting Your Domain Name

Hello My Domain Name Is

Thinking up a great domain name is easy. Of course, with the nearly 275 million existing domain names, finding one that hasn’t already been taken … well, that’s a lot harder.  But good domain names are still out there. It just takes a little time… Continue reading

Blog Via Email With Postie

I don’t know about you, but I seem to live in my email. It’s my reminder system, my todo list, my idea notebook, my photo file … oh, and it actually provides this weird “electronic letter delivery system” that I use all day long for personal and work… Continue reading

Appointment Reminders Done Right

Every once in a while something so cool comes into my life that I feel compelled to tell everyone I know about it. Apptoto (* affiliate link,) a very slick appointment reminder tool, is one of those cool things. Two of the common problems that… Continue reading