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Let’s Move Your Website

Move Your Website

Sooner or later, everybody moves. Of course, I’m not talking about moving to a new house or even moving out of your parents’ house. Today we’ll go over the steps necessary to move your website from one host to another one. It’s really not complicated.… Continue reading

Brainstorming Your Domain Name

Domain Name Brainstorming

So you’re ready to launch your website but coming up with that perfect domain name that isn’t already taken continues to elude you, eh? Join the club. Year-over-year the number of registered domains grows by about 7%. That means that by this time next year,… Continue reading

New Domain Extensions Available Now

New domain extensions include .photography

Can’t find your perfect domain name with the prized .com domain extension? Join the club. All too often, after working long and hard to come up with a perfect domain name with a .com domain extension, many people still come up empty handed. What’s to… Continue reading

GoDaddy Review

If you’ve used the internet or watched TV in the last decade, you’ve heard of GoDaddy. From sexually suggestive female spokesmodels to Jean-Claude Van Damme (maybe sexually suggestive to some people?), the company knows how to get attention in the media. But they stand behind… Continue reading