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How to Disable Comments in WordPress

Due to comment spam, nearly every WordPress user eventually asks themselves, “Should I disable comments on my website?” Or, some might get all the way to the point of “How do I disable this &@$% comments?!” First, yes, unfortunately spam isn’t just for your email… Continue reading

Text Expanders Shrink Your Typing

A cool little class of tools, text expanders allow you to quickly (and repeatedly) turn a few short keystrokes into a whole bunch of keystrokes, thereby saving you time and effort. Growing up, I used to watch shows like Bewitched and I Dream of Jeanie.… Continue reading

Turning Off Comments in WordPress

One of the comments I’m frequently asked is “How do I turn off comments on my WordPress website?”  Along with that comes the frequently asked, “Should I turn them off?” Should They Be On or Off? Since it’s less straightforward, I’ll answer the second question… Continue reading