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Is Your Website Responsive?

Starting tomorrow, April 21, 2015, your website needs to be responsive. Google announced that “mobile-friendliness” will start factoring in their website ranking algorithm tomorrow. Unless you want to see a dip in your rankings, getting a responsive website needs to be high on your todo… Continue reading

How to Disable Comments in WordPress

Due to comment spam, nearly every WordPress user eventually asks themselves, “Should I disable comments on my website?” Or, some might get all the way to the point of “How do I disable this &@$% comments?!” First, yes, unfortunately spam isn’t just for your email… Continue reading

Blogger Doesn’t Work Without WWW

Websites are funny things. Funny odd, not funny ha ha. One of the oddities about them are the subdomains, or domain name prefixes if you prefer. In a website address like mine, www.15MinuteMondays.com, the subdomain is the www part. Just for a little further insight,… Continue reading

Moving From WordPress to Blogger

Just like sometimes people start out with a project and find that they need more resources, sometimes people start a project and then realize that maybe they didn’t need all the resources they allocated. This can easily happen with a website. You might start out… Continue reading

Moving From Blogger to WordPress

Many people start their first blog with the awesome and free blogging engine Blogger. As time goes by, however, many bloggers find they need extra control and flexibility that Blogger does not provide. Especially those looking to monetize their blogs. For many of these people,… Continue reading

Let’s Move Your Website

Move Your Website

Sooner or later, everybody moves. Of course, I’m not talking about moving to a new house or even moving out of your parents’ house. Today we’ll go over the steps necessary to move your website from one host to another one. It’s really not complicated.… Continue reading

Tags & Categories

Tags and categories are great tools for organizing your blog posts but the big question are … what in the heck are they? And how do I use them? Over the weekend while speaking to a group of authors in Amarillo, TX, those questions came… Continue reading

Blogger Spotlight – Libby Spears

Blogger, Google’s free blogging platform, is often thought of as a playground for hobbyists who are “just having fun.”  However, Blogger’s rich feature set makes it an attractive, user-friendly alternative for professionals wanting to get their website up and running with no muss or fuss. Today… Continue reading

Getting Started with Blogger

Powerful. Professsional. Easy. Super easy. If that’s what you’re looking for in a website, Blogger might just be your best bet. It has fewer options that other CMS (content management system) options like WordPress and Joomla. In fact, it might not even be a full CMS.  But… Continue reading