The following are products and services that I use and recommend. Some of the links are affiliate links and will be noted when they are. I don't offer these links up with empty recommendations. If I have a link on this page, it's because I believe in the product or service that is provided to the point that I use it.


Since writing this review last September, I have expanded my use of GoDaddy's services to include web hosting. What sets them apart is the depth of their services. It's the little extras like automatic backups (so I don't need a plugin for that,) saving those backups to my DropBox account, calling (yes, with a real, live person) to see if things are going okay with my account, and personal or handy touches. I'm a GoDaddy user and fan.

Click here to visit GoDaddy (* affiliate link) and purchase your domain and some hosting.  You won't be sorry you chose GoDaddy.


Do you run an appointment-based business? Do you ever have to reschedule an appointment, leaving an opening in your schedule, because someone forgot their appointment? If so, Apptoto would be a great tool for your business. Send email, SMS text, and phone call reminders to clients before their appointments and even get them to confirm ahead of time. If they chose to cancel or reschedule their appointment in advance through the Apptoto reminder system, you'll have the time to re-fill that appointment slot.

You can read my review of Apptoto here or just head on over to Aptoto and get started with your account. (* affiliate link)


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