Meeting Planners

Need a Great Speaker?

Tracy turns the normally nerdy and tedious topic of running a website into an engaging and humorous event. He specializes in working with entrepreneurs, small businesses, authors, artisans, and organizations with sub-groups that have their own websites.


  • One HourTracy's one hour session gives a high level overview of the 15 Minute Mondays approach to running your website or a more focused approach on one of the facets (see below).
  • Half DayFor a more in-depth look, book Tracy for a half day session of learning and laughter. Bring something to write on and then go home and get started on your website.
  • Full DayGet hands on with your website during a full day workshop. Bring your notebook computer and be ready to work.  You'll have your website up and running by the end of the day.
  • Two-Day Boot CampWant to go a bit further? Combine the full day workshop with another day focused on getting your e-commerce ready to make money for you and your social media plan in place.

Bring Tracy to Your Location

Using an engaging and entertaining approach filled with stories and laughs, Tracy brings this normally "nerdy" topic down to earth for the normal person. Give your group the gift of knowledge and they'll be building websites in no time.  Pocket protectors not required!


Why a Website

Not every business has a website. But every business needs a website. Today more than ever.

Domain Selection

The right domain name - not just any domain name - is an important step in building your website.


There are many options for the engine that runs your website. Pick an engine, pick a host, and get started.


Attract customers, be seen as an expert, give your social media a home to point to, and build your keywords (for SEO, one of those nerdy topics).

Monetize It

Whether you're selling products or not, your website can make money for you through a number of avenues.


The 800 lb gorilla of social media could be your best friend when it comes to telling the world about your website and your business.

Other Social Media

YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are just a few of the other social media options in your marketing toolbox.

Murphy's Law

Sooner or later, bad stuff happens to every website. Learn the pitfalls and how to avoid them.