Meet Tracy

About Tracy Thomason

Tracy ThomasonAs a computer programmer for over twenty years, Tracy Thomason created websites for businesses ranging from small mom & pop shops to international corporations. But websites weren't his real job. They were just tools for business.

Like you, he had other things he needed to do and didn't want to spend all of his time as "the web guy." He needed to get his website work done quickly so he could get back to his primary business.

This led him to create the 15 Minute Mondays system.

Since turning this page in his own life, he finds managing his websites (currently over 20) to be much less of a burden. So much so, in fact, that it's actually become fun again — which led him to begin teaching his process to others.

Tracy's Early Internet Usage

In the late 1980s as a university student, Tracy created his first internet page. The World Wide Web was still a few years in the future, so this was a plain text website dedicated to recording the lyrics of Journey songs.

His first internet "program" (circa 1989) was a variation of 20 Questions where the computer would try to guess what kind of animal you were thinking of. It was highly entertaining (for about 10 minutes).

Contact Tracy

Tracy is available for one-on-one consultations as well as speaking to groups, large and small. Presentations range from short 45 minute overviews to full day workshops where he guides participants directly through the process of creating their websites. See the Meeting Planner page for more details.