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Stop What You’re Doing and Scan Your Website

So Your WordPress Site Got Hacked

Yes, folks, they’re at it again. According to internet security experts Sucuri.net, hundreds of thousands of websites are at risk from an attack by the malware program SoakSoak.ru. No, I don’t understand why some people do this either. It irritates the hell out of me. I… Continue reading

WordPress 4.0 – Flashy and Fun

WordPress 4.0

It’s that time again. A new version of WordPress has just hit the digital streets and you need to upgrade. Well, probably. It may not be 100% necessary to upgrade right away, but you’re going to want these new features for sure. And, in general,… Continue reading

New Domain Extensions Available Now

New domain extensions include .photography

Can’t find your perfect domain name with the prized .com domain extension? Join the club. All too often, after working long and hard to come up with a perfect domain name with a .com domain extension, many people still come up empty handed. What’s to… Continue reading