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Category: How it Works

Let’s Move Your Website

Move Your Website

Sooner or later, everybody moves. Of course, I’m not talking about moving to a new house or even moving out of your parents’ house. Today we’ll go over the steps necessary to move your website from one host to another one. It’s really not complicated.… Continue reading

Scheduling Posts on Facebook

While social media is a great way to promote your website content, posting to Facebook (or other outlets) during the peak engagement times (typically around lunch time in your timezone) can be difficult if you are otherwise engaged during those times. Tools like Hootsuite and… Continue reading

Hashtags – Join or Start a Conversation


Hashtags actually are good for something besides the hilariousness of the Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake video “#Hashtag” (inline below, but watch out for some bleeped rough language.) The hashtag itself is simply the number sign (or pound or hash, depending on your naming preference)… Continue reading

Tags & Categories

Tags and categories are great tools for organizing your blog posts but the big question are … what in the heck are they? And how do I use them? Over the weekend while speaking to a group of authors in Amarillo, TX, those questions came… Continue reading

How to Embed a Google Map on Your Website

I love it when a business puts a map of their location on their website. Even if I know roughly where a business is, it’s nice to get a confirmation that my internal (and often on the fritz) GPS is correct. Of course, some businesses… Continue reading

Choose the Long-Tail Keywords You Use

Long-Tail Keywords

You want more web surfers reading your website, right? We all do. Otherwise we wouldn’t be spending all this time putting stuff on the internet. Last week we talked about how the first step to building a following was to create great content. Let’s dive… Continue reading

SEO Isn’t Magic

You want people to find your website when they use search engines, right? And you want to come up on that coveted first page or, better yet, near the top of the first page, right? While SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, isn’t a magic pill… Continue reading

Facebook Video Ranking Changes

Facebook Video Ranking

As part of it’s never ending mission to bring you more of what you like, Facebook now includes two new metrics for ranking Facebook videos including how long you actually watched the video. This follows in the footsteps of YouTube (aka, Google) where audience retention (the… Continue reading

Subdomains – Why & How

Subdomains How They Work

What is a subdomain? It’s a great way to create a shorter, more elegant website address to a specific section of your website. Using these, you can give clients (or potential clients) a shorter, more memorable way to get to an area of your website that you’re… Continue reading

Facebook Tweaks Tagging and Trending for Pages

In addition to Trending, introduced by Facebook in January, the social media superstore recently tweaked its tagging function for Pages to further help its members find stories and topics that are of interest to them. With the new change, when a Page (like the one… Continue reading