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Category: Best Practices

5 Mistakes New WordPress Users Make

While WordPress is rich and feature packed, it’s also incredibly easy to use. But like most useful tools, regardless of their ease of use, it’s also easy to make some mistakes in the process. Did you ever hit your thumb with a hammer? Yeah, mistakes… Continue reading

Is Your Website Responsive?

Starting tomorrow, April 21, 2015, your website needs to be responsive. Google announced that “mobile-friendliness” will start factoring in their website ranking algorithm tomorrow. Unless you want to see a dip in your rankings, getting a responsive website needs to be high on your todo… Continue reading

How to Disable Comments in WordPress

Due to comment spam, nearly every WordPress user eventually asks themselves, “Should I disable comments on my website?” Or, some might get all the way to the point of “How do I disable this &@$% comments?!” First, yes, unfortunately spam isn’t just for your email… Continue reading

Photos Help Email Campaigns Convert

Oh sure, I’m always talking about making sure you use good photos on your blog posts and web pages. And that’s great advice (if I do say so myself.) So now here’s some more great advice (I’m being so humble today.) Use great photos in… Continue reading

Two Spaces After a Period – It’s Time to Stop

It’s New Year’s Day 2015 as I write this. The roads in Lubbock covered in a sheet of ice and my wife taking a nap on the couch, so I’m editing my book for a second printing and I realized that I’ve made a huge… Continue reading

Solving The Email Open Rate Puzzle

Email Open Rate

Putting together a newsletter or marketing email is hard enough. But the low open rates for most emails is just downright discouraging. Email open rates vary by industry but average around 20%. So, only one out of every five people on your list are likely… Continue reading

Testimonials Supercharge Your Marketing


Testimonials add power to website and shift your marketing efforts into overdrive. Just as downshifting a hot rod and punching the gas boosts the speed of the car, testimonials boost the rest of your marketing efforts by leveraging social proof. It’s human nature to follow… Continue reading

Authors – Planning Your Website

A couple of months ago I wrote an article covering the first five pages that every small business website needs. Today we’ll dive into a specific industry and cover the first few pages that every author needs. Two weeks ago I spoke to a group… Continue reading

My Email List is a Problem

Houston, I have a problem. It’s my pathetic email list. And if all problems really are just opportunities in disguise, I’ve got a heck of an opportunity here. I should be ashamed. Scratch should be. I am. One big area of my web presence that… Continue reading

Email Hosting With Your Domain

What solo entrepreneur or small business wants a generic email address at Gmail or Hotmail when they could have a custom address at their own domain? Last week we discussed the benefits of a personalized domain for your business address (http://www.15minutemondays.com/2014/09/22/5-benefits-personalized-business-email-address/). Today we’ll go over… Continue reading