So Your WordPress Site Got Hacked

Stop What You’re Doing and Scan Your Website

Yes, folks, they’re at it again. According to internet security experts Sucuri.net, hundreds of thousands of websites are at risk from an attack by the malware program SoakSoak.ru. No, I don’t understand why some people do this either. It irritates the hell out of me. I… Continue reading

Scheduling Posts on Facebook

While social media is a great way to promote your website content, posting to Facebook (or other outlets) during the peak engagement times (typically around lunch time in your timezone) can be difficult if you are otherwise engaged during those times. Tools like Hootsuite and… Continue reading


Testimonials Supercharge Your Marketing

Testimonials add power to website and shift your marketing efforts into overdrive. Just as downshifting a hot rod and punching the gas boosts the speed of the car, testimonials boost the rest of your marketing efforts by leveraging social proof. It’s human nature to follow… Continue reading

Shutterstock Free Image

My Three Favorites Places to Buy Images

As much as I love free stuff, sometimes there’s just no way around it … I have to buy an image. I’ll get a design or layout concept stuck in my head and I just can’t pull away from it even though I cannot find… Continue reading


Hashtags – Join or Start a Conversation

Hashtags actually are good for something besides the hilariousness of the Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake video “#Hashtag” (inline below, but watch out for some bleeped rough language.) The hashtag itself is simply the number sign (or pound or hash, depending on your naming preference)… Continue reading

Turn Quotes Into Engaging Images

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a picture of words worth? I’m not sure, but it’s certainly worth the effort to make that picture using one of these four simple tools. Last week we covered sources for free photos and images… Continue reading

6 Ways to Get Engaging & Free Photos

You’ve written a great blog post and you’re just about to click “Publish” when you remember, “I need an engaging photo to go with this brilliant article!” That’s right, you do. Because no matter how great the article is, without an eye-catching image to go… Continue reading

Tags & Categories

Tags and categories are great tools for organizing your blog posts but the big question are … what in the heck are they? And how do I use them? Over the weekend while speaking to a group of authors in Amarillo, TX, those questions came… Continue reading

Authors – Planning Your Website

A couple of months ago I wrote an article covering the first five pages that every small business website needs. Today we’ll dive into a specific industry and cover the first few pages that every author needs. Two weeks ago I spoke to a group… Continue reading

My Email List is a Problem

Houston, I have a problem. It’s my pathetic email list. And if all problems really are just opportunities in disguise, I’ve got a heck of an opportunity here. I should be ashamed. Scratch should be. I am. One big area of my web presence that… Continue reading