Photos Help Email Campaigns Convert

Oh sure, I’m always talking about making sure you use good photos on your blog posts and web pages. And that’s great advice (if I do say so myself.) So now here’s some more great advice (I’m being so humble today.) Use great photos in… Continue reading

Embed Documents on Your Website

I love finding cool guides and documents on websites. And when I can, I love to provide such documents on my websites. There are lots of documents and files (Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, PDFs, slideshows, etc) on the Internet and many of them contain very… Continue reading

Contact Forms Let Visitors Say Hello

Last weeks cool little tool, CryptX, is a great way to put an email address on your website without letting the spammers get a hold of it. However, sometimes you really just want a way for your website visitors to reach out and say hello… Continue reading

CryptX Helps You Cut Out Spam

I love my email spam filter. But as good as it is, sometimes spam still gets through. Every step forward that spam filters make, spammers take (or at least try to take) two steps forward to ensure that some of their annoying messages get through.… Continue reading

Blogger Doesn’t Work Without WWW

Websites are funny things. Funny odd, not funny ha ha. One of the oddities about them are the subdomains, or domain name prefixes if you prefer. In a website address like mine, www.15MinuteMondays.com, the subdomain is the www part. Just for a little further insight,… Continue reading

Moving From WordPress to Blogger

Just like sometimes people start out with a project and find that they need more resources, sometimes people start a project and then realize that maybe they didn’t need all the resources they allocated. This can easily happen with a website. You might start out… Continue reading

Moving From Blogger to WordPress

Many people start their first blog with the awesome and free blogging engine Blogger. As time goes by, however, many bloggers find they need extra control and flexibility that Blogger does not provide. Especially those looking to monetize their blogs. For many of these people,… Continue reading

Move Your Website

Let’s Move Your Website

Sooner or later, everybody moves. Of course, I’m not talking about moving to a new house or even moving out of your parents’ house. Today we’ll go over the steps necessary to move your website from one host to another one. It’s really not complicated.… Continue reading

Two Spaces After a Period – It’s Time to Stop

It’s New Year’s Day 2015 as I write this. The roads in Lubbock covered in a sheet of ice and my wife taking a nap on the couch, so I’m editing my book for a second printing and I realized that I’ve made a huge… Continue reading

Email Open Rate

Solving The Email Open Rate Puzzle

Putting together a newsletter or marketing email is hard enough. But the low open rates for most emails is just downright discouraging. Email open rates vary by industry but average around 20%. So, only one out of every five people on your list are likely… Continue reading